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I'm Ashby Mae Spaulding a 28 year old graphic designer residing in Midland, Texas! I attended Texas A&M University receiving my B.S. in Visualization with an emphasis in Graphic Design. AWHOOP!

My weekends are spent cuddling my new son Noah, taking the dogs (yes, we have 3 dogs - help us) to the park, and enjoying the rest of my time with my guy Rhey! I personally like making him destroy our home with all my craft project ideas, which now he has a personal disgust towards Pinterest - oh well! I live and breathe for iced coffees at any hometown coffee shop. And, if you could catch me anywhere I'd be sitting in a tube floatin' the Frio River with Kenny Chesney on my radio.

I would really love to work with you and cannot wait to hear what great ideas you have!


Tel: 979.319.1125  |  Email:

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